On April 1, 2010, Northwest Regional Center for Addictive Disorders & OAD Region 7 regional offices moved to 8932 Jewella Avenue, Shreveport, LA 71118. The new office is located south of LA 3132 in the former Books-A-Million building. The new office is located next door to Long John Silver's.

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The Office for Addictive Disorders-Region VII assists individuals in positive life changing decisions and actions.


The Office for Addictive Disorders-Region VII provides accessible behavioral health services to persons with alcohol, drug dependency, compulsive gambling and co-occurring disorders.


We exist to assist those suffering with addictions in making changes in their thinking, leading to changes in their life that they desire.

We realize there is nothing that can be done to or for an individual that will make his/her life better. We can assist them in their progress towards a personally satisfying life.

We are part of a very important continuum of care in the community and we strive to support this healthy environment for those we serve.

We offer primary prevention, treatment, case management and referral in a culturally sensitive, competent, and individualized manner to clients, their families, and the community.

Services Offered

  • Community-Based Services
  • Compulsive Gambling Services
  • Inpatient Treatment Services
  • Outpatient Treatment Services
  • Prevention Services


Individuals desiring services offered by the Office for Addictive Disorders will receive our best available services responsive to their needs. The following offerings are part of the continuum of services available. We believe that when an individual seeks our services, something happens.

PREVENTION EDUCATION—The Region VII Prevention Education Section provides education, training and technical assistance to individuals and communities to delay the onset of use, reduce risk factors, and increase protective factors linked to substance abuse & dependency.

OUTPATIENT SERVICES— Outpatient services include supportive outpatient and intensive outpatient programs. Supportive outpatient services provide treatment services less than 10 hours/week for 3 months or longer in addition to attendance at self-help support group meetings. Intensive outpatient programs provide treatment services over 10 hours weekly in addition to required attendance at self-help support group meetings.

INPATIENT SERVICES—Residential inpatient treatment provides 24-hour professionally directed evaluation, care, and treatment for addicted clients. Services are provided in permanent facilities that include residential beds.

RESIDENTIAL/HALFWAY HOUSES—A halfway house is a progressive extended care program which usually follows primary treatment. Halfway houses provide a bridge between primary care and complete individual, independent functioning within a community.

SOCIAL DETOXIFICATION—Social setting non-medical detoxification is a program that assesses the appropriateness of the client for its non-medical program.

PROBLEM GAMBLING SERVICES—Louisiana Association of Compulsive Gambling (LACG) provides educational and counseling sessions at OAD facilities in Region VII. Intensive outpatient services are offered at LACG. Those identified as having gambling problems are given weekly therapy groups.

The Center for Recovery (CORE) treats individuals diagnosed with compulsive gambling. Services include education, individual and group counseling, and family counseling. This is the first inpatient facility in LA exclusively serving problem gamblers.

LACG operates the state-wide toll free help line in Shreveport. Information is provided on gambling services to anyone that calls. In addition, crisis counseling is done if a caller is suicidal. The help line number is 1-877-770-STOP (7867).

HORSEMEN’S BENEVOLENT & PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION—A contract with the Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse of Northwest LA to provide outpatient services to “backside” personnel of the race tracks and horse farms in Louisiana.

RECOVERY HOMES—Oxford House International has established recovery homes in the Shreveport area. Recovery homes are self governed by the residents.


The Office for Addictive Disorders provides services in facilities staffed by state employees. In Region 7, there are three facilities that provide services staffed by state employees: Pines Treatment Center, Northwest Regional Center for Addictive Disorders, and Natchitoches Center for Addictive Disorders.

The Office for Addictive Disorders also provides services through contract providers statewide. In Region 7, contract providers provide professional, prevention and treatment services.

Contract Prevention Providers include:

One Great River
Cullen Association Hope Center
North Louisiana Area Health Education Center (NLAHEC)
Louisiana Tech University
Webster Parish School Board

Treatment Providers include:

Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse of Northwest Louisiana
Louisiana Association on Compulsive Gambling


OAD programs (state and contract) are governed by 42 CFR Part 2. Simply stated, programs may not use or disclose any information about any patient unless the patient has consented in writing (on a form that meets the requirements established by the regulations) or unless another very limited exception specified in the regulations applies. Any disclosure must be limited to the information necessary to carry out the purpose of the disclosure.

For more information regarding the confidentiality of substance abuse records, visit http://ecfr.gpoaccess.gov/cgi/t/text/text-idx?c=ecfr&sid=a510164d4990337020127bbd8a9e47e6&rgn=div5&view=text&node=42:


What is the Office for Addictive Disorders?

The Office for Addictive Disorders (OAD) is a state agency within the Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals. OAD is responsible for providing primary prevention and addictive disorders treatment services to Louisiana citizens.

What services are provided by the Office for Addictive Disorders?

The Office for Addictive Disorders provides a variety of services to individuals, their families, and the community regarding prevention and treatment of addictive disorders. For more information of the services provided, visit the Office for Addictive Disorders website.

How do I access services?

For primary prevention and addictive disorder services, contact the nearest OAD facility in your area. A list of OAD facilities (state owned and contract) is available on the OAD website.

For a person in need of treatment, what happens when they request services from OAD?

Typically, a person seeking treatment services from OAD may report to an OAD outpatient facility for screening and assessment. If the assessment indicates a need for services that OAD can provide, the available options are presented and the individual chooses to receive services. Services are tailored to individual needs. If needed services are not readily available, interim services are provided until needed services become available.

How much does OAD services cost?

Primary prevention services are provided at no cost. Addiction services are provided on a sliding fee scale. Many recipients may be qualified for little or no cost services. Others may be eligible for the Access To Recovery program which provides vouchers for many addiction and recovery support services.

Who works for OAD Region 7?

The staff of OAD Region 7 consists of professional and administrative staff across several disciplines. Administrative and Managerial staff have Master and Bachelor degrees in areas such as Psychology, Counseling, and Business. Medical staff include a Psychiatrist, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, RNs and LPNs. Clinical staff include Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Graduate Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Addiction Counselors, Licensed Prevention Professionals, Certified Addiction Counselors, Registered Addiction Counselors, and Counselors in Training.

Where do I get information about licensure/certification for substance abuse counselors?

Visit the Addictive Disorders Regulatory Authority (ADRA) website for information regarding licensure/certification.

Where do I get information about state employment?

Visit the Louisiana Department of Civil Service website for information regarding state employment.

How do I get a contract with the state?

Programs are funded based on need and available resources. Federal and state funding is limited so OAD seeks to partner with businesses and communities to provide high quality services effectively and efficiently. A business or community seeking to provide primary prevention and/or addiction services in their area should develop a proposal inclusive of a local needs assessment and share that information with the Regional Administrator in their area.